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1st March 2016

Jesus the King

This Easter we are starting a new sermon series entitled Jesus the King. The focus of the series is to see Jesus as THE king in all aspects of the Easter Story.  He is the King welcomed into Jerusalem by the multitudes waving palm branches. He is the King who inaugurates a new covenant and dies on a cross for His people.  He is the King who rises triumphantly from death having defeated His enemies.  He is the King who has ushered in a new kingdom and will be with His people always.

The parts of the series are as follows:

13th March - The Coming King (Luke 19:28-40)

20th March - The Dying King (Luke 22:7-23)

27th March - The Risen King (Luke 24:1-12)

3rd April - The Present King (Luke 24:36-53)

Looking forward to a great Easter celebrating Jesus the King!

Posted by Stuart Crane